Friday 26th August
Saying open hearted thank yous today for...
Being unwell. Thank you body for trying to expel from my body what is not supposed to be in it. And for the unexpectedness of missing work - I really didn't think that would happen today.
Leonie at Goddess Guidebook - her incredible positivity and all round colourful joyfulness are infectious!
Beautiful Julia's artwork, which is winging its way to me even as I type! Hooray!
The absolute stillness and quietness of this morning. Wow. The world from my desk feels completely still. Amazing.
The little nudge inside of me to go and meditate now. Okay, I'm listening!

Tuesday 16th August
Saying a huge thank you today for...
The most incredible 6am sky - bursts of orange and gold, lifting the grey, needing the grey to be offset against. 
Nice bus driver, who allows me and other passengers to stay on the bus past its final stop.
Amazing students, who really want to learn and who come to class with enthusiasm and willingness.
Yummy naughty sweet iced coffee - a Tuesday treat. Yum!
Wonderful Nige who is so clever and put my bike computer on Bertie for me :)
Colouring pens! White paper! Getting a new paradigm out and onto paper!
The very nice man who helped me with our electricity bill.
Beautiful, incredible, inspirational women.
Being so excited about seeing my lovely friend Laura tomorrow. Hurrah!
Taking the risk to just bloody well put it out there and getting an amazing response.

Thursday 4th August
Thank you God today for...
The wonderful lessons at schools this morning! I love my job!
Imminent tea with Claire. I love having friends to hang out with and watch the world go by.
Nige... oh, that man. He is sooo ... mmmm.
Simple pleasures - a walk by the river, meeting a man with 14 dogs, beautiful lovemaking, gorgeous bed, colourful new diary, la-la-la!
A free afternoon and evening to spend however I wish!

Tuesday 2nd August
I am choosing to be grateful for:
the opportunity to teach, and to earn decent money from doing it.
The bus ride and the unique and ever-fascinating insight into the human psyche that it provides me with.
Last night's 23 mile bike ride with Nige the warrior, who also rode 30 miles earlier in the day!
Learning about my blood type and adapting my diet somewhat to help myself become stronger and healthier.
The opportunity to work an extra couple of hours today and to earn a bit of money doing so.
Catching myself being hard on myself, and choosing to turn those thoughts around. They're just thoughts!
So grateful for the weekend I had with Lisa Marie and her beautiful baby. Wow. Life is strange beyond words sometimes. The wonder of birth is still a complete mystery to me.
My Dad, and Helen. Seeing them for a BBQ on Sunday was lovely.
Laura, my lovely friend. I love you girl.
Beautiful sunshine.
Getting the 2a bus, which was running late, and not having to wait for an extra hour (although that would have been okay, too).
The lovely catch up I had with Liz the other day. Friends are so wonderful, aren't they?

Friday 8th July
Saying thank you for...
The mid-July wind and rain. It's so easy to complain, and being thankful just requires a tiny shift in my perception.
The promise of security, first from within, and later being mirrored without. I just know today that it's all going to be alright.
The Chiropractic 'Denerol' foam thing that I lie on every evening, which is working to straighten my neck out.
Andy, the wicked bike mechanic who is also fast becoming a friend.
Beautiful hanging out time with Nige yesterday, honestly discussing the difficult spots in our relationship.
Le Tour de France, which is providing so much excitement to me and Nige as we watch the highlights of each day's stage, often very late at night. I never imagined that I would be so excited to watch cycling, but it's a real highlight at the moment.
Laura--your friendship is a balm to my soul. Thank you.
Training with Nige--lifting weights, moving my body, focussing, being present, breathing deep, pushing through, and feeling strong.
Our beautiful home. I say it a lot, but I just love it here.
Thankful that Vikki's partner got a job :)
The people coming into my circle--Barry, Marge, Maureen. Love them!

Tuesday 5th July
Today I am giving thanks for...
Writing this list, pressing publish and losing it, so having the opportunity to write it all over again!
A great session this morning with Mark, my Careers Coach, and the opportunity to focus on me that it brought.
The utterly stunning 26 mile bike ride I did with Nige last night. So, so beautiful.
Being able to move the poor bunny rabbit who got run over to the side of the road last night.
A great night's sleep.
Being able to watch the Tour de France on ITV Player (we don't have a television).
Not having a television. Yes!
Marge: her bright eyes, her smile, her wicked sense of humour. I just love that woman! So thankful that she came into my life.
Thankful that Barry is safe and well after his operation.
My dad, who has just completed his MBA, and who I am so proud of.
The quiet whisper that everything is going to be alright.
The chance to take massive action--and the part of me that takes a deep breath, and takes it.

Sunday 3rd July
I give thanks...
For being a woman. More than that, for being a woman who once was so barren, so dry, so out of touch, now so alive, so connected to my womanliness, to my body, my sensuality. Oh... yes!
For my home. I love this space, the quiet, the garden, the space, the quiet.
For the Bluebell Railway and all the wonderful volunteers who give so much time, dedication and love. Riding that steam train last night was nothing less than pure joy.
Prayer flags in the garden.
Honeybees suckling on the pollen in the garden.
New daisy plant in the garden.
Wriggly, fat, glistening earthworm scaring me, surprising me, going about its business.
Nige, and our connection. It grows, it deepens, strengthens, breathes, allows, plays, explores, adventures and nourishes. God, thank you for this man, for his friendship, companionship, love, understanding, humour, strength, teaching, artistry, fire--all of it.
For remembering that there is no urgency here.

Friday 1st July
I give thanks...
for the warmth of the sun, the sweet, heady scent of summer, the early morning peace that's here in the garden centre.
For Nige. I love him! I am so in love with him, and we are honest, accountable and committed to healing. My heart is an open flower.
For Alia. My goodness, what a woman! I am awestruck by her beauty. Her intuition is astounding.
For the Vagina Monologues. I know that I want to perform this. I want to lead women to a revolutionary reconnection with their sacred femininity.
For Lisa Marie, her brilliant, childlike nature. For her womanly body, her flesh, her breasts, her made-to-do-this-ness.
For Claire. Her kindness and the fabulous way she shakes her booty.
For Julia, so wise, so listening, incredible woman, teacher and friend.
For Chloe. Wow.