The Ell & Nige show

Episode 2: Stuck on the M23

On a normal(ish) Wednesday, Ell and Nige encounter a traffic jam like no other... and decide to make a home video. The results are 


Happy viewing!

Episode 1

Hello duckies!

Well, we've done it: Ell (that's me) and Nige (beautiful fiance and amazing human being person) have made our first video. That's right! We're no longer video virgins.

This was a spontaneous bit of fun we had last week which I decided was just too much comedy gold not to share it with the world. Click below for 3 minutes 58 seconds of ... well, of us!

Elloa xx

P.S. Did you like it? We may end up doing more of these...


kelli said...


Annie said...

Quite easily the most amusing thing I've seen all day. :) Thanks for sharing this little glimpse into the world of Ell & Nige.

Julia said...

Oh shit. I'm absolutely cracking up over here! I love it...especially the wispy fart part. Thank you for taking my mind off a whole load of stupid shit...I so needed some comic relief this evening.

You two are priceless. More please.


Brooke said...

This had me laughing SOOOOOO hard! How fun to get this after a long day, and just to laugh, laugh, laugh. Think that it might be about this. Maybe in the end all our blogging will come down to comedy. I've got some that looks pretty funny from here. Mostly I just wanted to reach out and hug you two, who are indeed real people, who talk and even fart. Yipee! XO, friends!

kelli said...

"there's nothing crazy about choosing love over fear." amen.

oh, and john has tinkled in bottles during long car trips. we ladies wouldn't be able to pull that off so easily.=)

Julia said...

Did I like it? I loved it. I love you two.

I have to say, I've always had such envy for the boy part that allows males to pee (relatively easily) into a water bottle--that just doesn't seem fair. Here, I'll just say it...I have penis envy.
Nige, you really must take full advantage of the conveniences...

Thank you for that beautiful glimpse...

Big love to both of you. xo