Friday, 13 January 2012

Episode 2: The Ell & Nige Show!!

Happy 2012ing lovely person!
I hope your year has started with a fizzle and a wiggle and a lot of momentum.

Click here for the latest installment of the unmissable Ell & Nige show - a show like no other!

Make way for love, dear one... make way for love...

Elloa xx


Brooke said...

THIS IS UNMISSABLE! I love you guys! Keep them coming. This turned my frown upside down today. You guys are so adorable and so super funny. I love hearing you live. Next time I want to see you act out the robert deniro! Yes, Nige, there is nothing crazy about choosing love over fear. Thank you. I actually really needed to hear that today! XOXO. Hope you found the perfect place to relieve yourself!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you with such love, dear Elloa. xo